Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles Spray Starter

If you want to try the new Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter, there's a $5 off coupon here ( These are on sale this week at Walgreens for $7.99 and producing a $2 RR. So, here's the deal

Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter $7.99
$5 IP
OOP $2.99
get $2RR
$ .99 after coupons and RR

Monday, March 29, 2010

Walgreens 3/29

Here's my favorite deals at Walgreens this week. I did 3 transactions and I'll be going back to repeat what I've already done. So, here's the deals

Transaction #1
Dove Shampoo $4
Arrowhead water $3.29 (this was an oops on the wrong size/price water)
Dulcolax $10
2 gift bags $.29(forgot to include in picture)
$2 Dove IP (no longer available, but if you get the RP in your paper there is $1.50/1 from yesterday's paper)
$2 water (hangtag on the dulcolax)
$4 Dulcolax IP here (
$.32 gift bag
$4 RR
$4 RR
OOP $2.71
got $10 RR, $4 RR

Transaction #2
2 Children's Benadryl $4.99
Simply Saline Allergy $7.00
gift bag $ .29
$4/2 Benadry from Safeway Jan. coupon book (it beeped, don't know why when I used the same coupon a few weeks ago for Tylenol it did not beep)
$1 IVC Wags coloring book (deducts $2)
$1 Simply Saline 1/17 SS
In ad IVC gift bag $ .16
$10 RR
OOP $1.33
got $7RR, $5 RR

Transaction #3
Toothbrush $ .24 (did not need to buy this, kept little on quiet for about 5 seconds)
Dove Shampoo $4 (look for $1.50 peelies on the old packaging, I found 2)
Dulcolax $10
Water $1.79
3 Salmon $1.49 (had a raincheck and this was a store I don't usually frequent so I thought I better use it)
$4 Dulcolax IP here
$1.50 dove peelie
$2 water from Dulcolax bottle (some also have $3 off dulcolax hangtags)
$5 RR
$7 RR
OOP $2.15
got $10 RR, $4 RR

Some people are also finding Dove on clearance and they should produce the RR also.


Don't miss a really good deal on Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore tuna at CVS this week. It's on sale for $ .88/can which is a super deal for the solid white albacore, and there's no limit. My store was super stocked and the manager said I could buy as much as I wanted so I'm going back for more late. The Olives are also $ .88/can which is a good deal, but there are also coupons here ( If you've printed these before (which I have) they have reset so you should be able to print them again; the coupon is for $1/2 which makes it a super great price for olives. My store only had two cans left, but make sure to get rainchecks if your store is out because the rain checks never expire!!!

Mom, I know you said you didn't like Bumble Bee tuna but try the solid white that's on sale, I think it's just as good as any other brand we've bought.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Target trip

Here are my Target deals. I shared the game deal here. The Ore-Ida hash browns are on sale for $2.50 plus buy 2 get 1 free. The Campbells Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken are on sale for $ .75ea. and the solar lights are $3.00 not on sale. So here's the deal

3 Ore Ida hash browns $2.50 ea + 1 free
use (2)$1/1 coupons from the 3/14 Smart Source
Total $3 for 3 bags of hash browns

Solar lights $3 ea
Use $2 Solar light coupon from (my store let me use more than one, they probably would have let me use 4 but I needed to go to another store for more hash browns because I bought the last 3 bags at the first store. Some stores may only let you use 1 target coupon per transaction)
Total $4 for 4 solar lights (some guy stopped me in the store and told me that he had these in his yard and he LOVED them!)

2 Cream of Chicken soup $ .75 ea
use $1/2 coupon here (
$ .25/can

There is also a deal on Battleship it's on sale for $9
$4 coupon (same place as other game q's)
$3 coupon (

Of course my stores were totally wiped out of Monopoly and Battleship (someone must have dug some out of the backroom today because the one I bought was a little smashed and the other boxes were really smashed). But check back because sometimes they restock, my store was totally restocked on hash browns today.

Good Luck!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hershey' Milk Coupon

New $ .35/1 Hershey's Milk or Milkshake. I'm thinking my kids love to buy these when we travel and these will be great for vacation. They have a 90 day expiration!!

Thanks Moms Need to Know!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

CVS Easter Candy Deal

**Edited to add that I just went to CVS and bought my candy. I just wanted to let you know that there are only 2 Hershey candy's on the 3 day sale, they are Hershey kisses and Reeses Pieces eggs. (The candy in the above picture is not on sale!) The great thing about CVS is that they have price checkers so I always just check the price before I check out.
Cheap Easter Candy at CVS this week. CVS is has an ECB deal on their Easter Candy this week when you buy $10 in Easter Candy you get $3 ECB. Hershey's Candy is part of the 3 day sale for $1.97/bag. So here's the deal

Buy 6 bags of Hershey Easter Candy
Use 2 $2/3 Hershey Easter Candy coupons here (smartsource)
OOP $7.82
get $3 ECB

$4.82 for six bags of candy is pretty darn good!

Thanks Money Saving Madness!

Cheap Games at Target week of 3/21

Monopoly for $2 and Connect Four for $3 this week at Target. Here's the deal, Monopoly and Connect Four are on sale at Target this week for $7 ea., go here ( and print the $5 off Monopoly and/or the $4 off Connect Four (also available in today's Sunday Paper). These would be great to put in your birthday gift stash or save for Christmas. Great donation gifts too!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Print Now, Save for Later

$2 off Dove Shampoo or Conditioner at print these quick before they're gone. You have a couple of options. The Dove Shampoo and Conditioner are priced at around $3.50 at Target right now (prices may vary by region) you can use the $2 coupon stacked with the $1 Target coupon and pay about $ .50 cents OR you can hold onto them until the week of 3/28 and Dove Shampoo and Conditioner will be free after RR, so this will be a $2 moneymaker. I know what I will be doing with my coupons! These went super fast when they were available a few days ago so print them now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gap/ Old Navy Coupon

30% off coupon good at Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic and Old Navy. This is a great coupon that you can reuse all weekend. Remember this coupon is good on everything in the store including sale and clearance items.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheap Dial Soap at Target

Here's the deal: Click here ( page down until you see "new at Target" a moving ad, when you see Dial, click on it. It will take you to a coupon that looks slightly different than the newer Target coupons. Print this coupon and pair it with the RP coupon for $ .35/1 from 3/7 (even without this coupon it's a good deal). IF you can find these at your Target they should be priced around $1.37 so after coupons $ .37 -$ .02! Good Luck, I'll let you know if I find these at my Target.

Thanks Totally Target!

Simply Gogurt Coupon

Coupon for Simply Gogurt. $1.10/1 does not expire until 60 days after print date (they usually expire 30 days after print).

Thank You SD!

New Kingsford Coupons

New Kingsford coupons. There are three new coupons available at the Gather 'Round the grill website. There are 3 coupons buy Kingsford
Buy Kingsford get free Ranch Dressing
Buy Kingsford get free KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
Buy Kingsford get a free Glad Product. The coupons don't expire until 7/31/10.

Thanks Printable Coupons and Deals!

Facebook Free Sample of Stride Mega Mystery Gum

Become a fan of Stride, and get a free sample of Stride Mega Mystery gum. Click on the pack of gum.

Roman Meal Bread $1/1 Coupon

Bread coupons don't come along too often so you may want to print this $1/1 Roman Meal bread coupon.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Free Sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner. Click here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Sample of Ritz Munchables

Become a fan of Ritz Munchables on Facebook and get a free sample.

$1.50 Oscar Meyer Bacon Coupon

For a $1.50 off Oscar Meyer Bacon click here. Print this one quick before it's gone!

Thanks Common Sense with Money!


There's another pretty good deal at Walgreens this week if you need any more Cold Meds. $5 RR when you buy Tylenol, Sudafed, Benadryl or Zyrtec. There are a bunch of $1 coupons in past RP inserts, which I do not get, but just skim through yours if you want to find them. However, the best coupons are online. Sudafed and Tylenol Cold Products are on sale this week $4.99. Here is a scenario with IP coupons.

Buy 2 Tylenol Cold $9.98
use (2) $2/1 Tylenol Cold IP (
OOP $5.98
get $5 RR


Buy 2 Sudafed $9.98
use (2) $2/1 Sudafed IP (
OOP $5.98
get $5 RR

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walgreens 3/14-3/21

Not too much to get excited about at Walgreens this week. I didn't even step foot in a Walgreens last week--wow!!

Here are the best deals that I see

Colgate Toothpaste Total Advanced, Enamel, or Sensitive $3.99 get $4 RR
$1 IP Sensitive
$ .75 IP Total
$1/1 SS 3/7/10

Kleenex 78 or 110 pack $ .89 w/in ad q
$ .50/3 IP Smartsource
$ .50/3 SS 2/28/10
Buy 4 get $1 RR
Buy 5 get $2 RR
Buy 6 get $3 RR

Spend $10 on Band-Aid, Neosporin, Benadryl get a $3 RR
$3/2 (1 Neo, 1 Band-Aid) SS 2/21/10
$1 Band-Aid RP 1/3
$1 Band-Aid RP1/3
$ .50 Band-Aid RP 3/7
$1 Neosporin IP
$2 Neo Coloring Book Coupon can be stacked with manu. coupons.
2 Band-Aid $6
1 Neosporin $4
Use $3/2 Neo/Bandaid
Use $1/1 Neo
Use $2 Neo Coloring Book Coupon
OOP $4 get $3 RR
**Edited to add: the only coupons I have are the $3/2, so I bought 2 band-aid and 2 Neosporin used 2 $3/2 and the $2 Coloring book coupon which deducted $4 OOP $4 got a $3 RR.

Good filler is the Royal Gelatin 5/$1
Also look for the Children's Band-Aids to be on Clearance, they don't count toward the RR, but some people have found them for right around $2 with the Coloring book coupon you can get almost free band-aids.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kmart Double Coupon event

Kmart has released a list of stores that will be participating in their double coupon event starting April 4th. They will be doubling coupons up to $2 and you can use 5/day. Guess what Las Vegas stores ARE participating--YAY!!! Here's the complete list which is a little difficult to sort through because the stores are listed by region. I hope you find your store on the list!

Thanks Common Sense with Money!

Kraft First Taste, new coupon

Check your account at Kraft First Taste and you may find a coupon for a free sample of the new Philadelphia minis. If you haven't joined Kraft First Taste yet, you should. I have received great coupons for free items to try, just make sure you fill out the survey after you try the item.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Smiths Instant win game--LOVE IT!

Play the March Madness game at Smiths and recive free items that are automatically loaded to your Smith's Card. You can play once per day, but make sure that you register your Smiths card on the Smiths Website first. Click here and after you register your card, click on the March to Savings tab on under the left graphic at the top of the homepage. The first day I played I won Coffee (funny, right!) the next time I won $5 off my next shopping trip! Love this game!

Hershey's Easter Candy Coupon

New Easter Candy Coupon from Smartsource $2 off when you buy 3 bags of Hershey's Easter Candy.

Free Sample of John Frieda

Free Sample of John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo Conditioner.

Parade Magazine--don't miss the coupon

Don't miss the $1/1 Wheatables coupon in your Sunday Paper Parade magazine. We also got Albertsons double coupons in our Sunday paper--yay!!! Northwest region Albertsons shoppers get these all the time, but this is only the 2nd time we've receive them. So, now to figure out how to best use these. We were also supposed to get the P & G insert in our Sunday paper but no go for our part end of the valley.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Here is my Vons frozen food run. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in Vons right now. I've been to two different stores over the last few days and I've been told that they have yet another new coupon policy. Now they will only take 1 IP per like item at one store and at the other store they will only take 2 like coupons per item IP or insert. Then I was talking to a girl who shops at the same store that I do and she said her $10 FF cat did not print and that they told her it was because she used coupons. She kindly pointed out to them that the ad does not state the $25 total must be before coupons. It gets a little frustrating when stores would rather punish those of us who play by the rules, rather then properly train their cashiers on how to spot fraudelent or photo copied coupons. What they need to learn is that coupons are NOT a discount they are a form of PAYMENT. The stores are reimbursed the value of the coupons + an 8 cent handling fee. What I think I'll ask next time I have a conversation with one of these store managers is if they discriminate in the same way against customers who use food stamps or pay with a credit card--credit card users actually cost them money because they must pay the bank for the processing of credit card payments. One cashier actually said to me that they were trying to discourage "THOSE people" who use a bunch of coupons and she stood sorting through my stack of coupons!!!!

Anyway, thankfully my cat did print and here's what I bought:

2 Michael Angelo single serve $2.99 ea
2 Green Giant Vegetables $1.79 ea
2 Pillsbury Toaster Struedel $2.50 ea
4 C & W Vegetables $1.99ea
4 Old Orchard Juice $1.29 ea
1 Yotplait Fiber one yogurt $$2.50 (not part of FF deal, obviously)

B1G1 Free Michael Angelo coupon here
$1.00/1 Pillsbury IP (wouldn't let me use 2) FF IE
$ .50/2 GG here
$1.00/2 (2)C & W coupons on freezer door in store
$1.00/4 Old Orchard here
$1.00/1 Fiber One
$10 cat from P & G promo
The following coupons I had loaded onto my card from and deducted automatically
Pillsbury 3 X $ .55
Green Giant 4 X $ .50
Yoplait 2 X $1.00
OOP $6.24
Got $10 Cat

My plan is to use my $10 cat to buy frozen Chicken and be done with Vons for a while. The irony of this is that their closest competitors in my neighborhood are Smiths and Albertsons and of course Walmart those three stores are always busy and Vons is rarely busy and I mean rarely!

Target 3/5/10

Quick trip to Target. Here's what I got:
2 8.4 oz Gillette Body Wash
2 packages Reveal lightbulbs $2.00ea
2 bottles Dentyne gum $2.08 (not marked in store--did price check)
3 packages fruit Chillers $1.77 (temp. price cut through 3/13)
2 Zooth Toothbrushes $1.99ea.
1 package of tights (not pictured) $2.99
$4/2 Gillette Body wash P & G 2/7/10
$1.00/2 GE coupon here
$1.00/1 (2) Target GE coupons here
$1.50/1 Dentyne (2) SS 3/1/10
$1.00/1 Oral B Stages or Zooth Toothbrush (2) P & G 2/7/10
$1.00/1 Fruit Chillers here and here
OOP $6. 79

Most of what I bought was not marked on sale--I LOVE those little price scanners. I wish they had them in every store! Be careful on the lightbulbs because there is a similar package that is NOT on sale of course, they were all mixed up. The toothbrushes were not in the right place, the Dentyne was not marked, and the flavors of the fruit chillers I bought were also not marked, but all were on sale. So, PRICE CHECK!!!

Fruit Chillers Coupon

New Printable for Del Monte Fruit Chillers. I've read in several places that these are on price cut at target for $1.75-$1.90 (prices vary by region) until 3/13.

Free Sun Chips

Hurry over and become a fan of Sun Chips on Facebook and receive a coupon for a free bag of chips. They're only giving away 100,00, and they'll go quick!

Thanks Totally Target!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Salmon Chowder

What to do with all the cheap Salmon we bought at Walgreens last week???( I still have rain checks to redeem!) Well, here's my favorite Salmon chowder recipe. My family LOVES it, this is one meal that everyone eats. I tweaked the original recipe a little bit by adding half and half instead of canned milk.

Salmon Chowder

14.5 oz can salmon
1 clove garlic minced
1/2 c chopped onion
1/2 c chopped celery
1/2 c chopped green pepper
3 T butter
1c diced potatoes
1c diced carrots
2 cans chicken broth
1t salt
1/2 t pepper
1/2 t thyme
10 oz package frozen peas
1 can cream corn
13 oz evaporated skim milk (I use 1/2 and 1/2 or cream)
minced parsley

Drain and flake salmon reserving liquid. Saute garlic, onion, celery, and green pepper in butter. Add potatoes, carrots, reserved salmon juice, chicken broth, and seasonings. Cover and simmer 20 minutes or until vegetables are nearly tender. Add peas, cook 5 minutes. Add flaked salmon, corn, and milk. Heat through. Sprinkle with minced parsley.

This is a recipe from a good friend of my sister. ENJOY!

Vons(Safeway) Frozen Food Month

Some good deals at Vons (Safeway). March is Frozen Food Month what that means is that if you buy $25 in participating items, you will receive a $10 oyno catalina coupon. All the items should be marked with a little blue logo on the bottom of the price tag. I'm going tonight and I'll let you know what I buy. Saving with Shellie and My Frugal Adventures have some good coupon match-ups and deal ideas, if you want to check them out.

My favorite deal this week is the
Safeway Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $5.99
$1 off coupon here (this is a GREAT price)


Become a fan of Skittles on Facebook and get a buy 1 get 1 free Skittles coupon. This will save me about $ .89cents when I'm bribing my children to be good during our shopping trips!

Thanks Moms Need to Know!

Make it Easy Take it Easy Kraft and P & G coupon promo

Click here and type in your zip code. If there is a participating store in your area, You'll receive $20 worth of P&G and Kraft coupons. In my zip code it worked for Albertsons.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Here's my 1st Walgreens shopping trip this week. I threw together some deals, so they may not be the greatest, but I needed everything and the prices were great. I didn't want to spend the week running around to 5-6 different Walgreens trying to get what I wanted like I did last week, so I'm pretty happy that the 1st store I went to had everything I planned to buy today. Here's the breakdown.

Transaction #1
2 Tylenol Cold $4.99 ea $9.98
2 Stride gum $ .65 ea (I only needed 1)
used (2) $2/1 Tylenol Cold IP
used$1 CAB coupon deducts $2
used $4 RR
OOP $1.93
got $5 RR

Transaction #2
6 Kleenex $2.19 B1G1 Total $6.57
1 candy $ .69
used $ .50/3 Kleenex (2) SS 2/28
used $5 RR from previous Transaction
OOP $1.87
got $3 RR

Transaction #3
3 Kotex Tampons $2.99 Total $8.97
2 Motrin PM $2.99 Total $5.98
1 candy $.69
used $1/1 Kotex (3) IP
used$3/2 Motrin SS 11/22/09
used$1.50/1 IVC March coupon book deducts $3/2
used $3 RR from previous transaction
OOP $4.93
got $5 RR

All the IP coupons are here

Look for the Orbit or Eclipse gum on clearance and pair it with the $1/2 coupon in the March coupon book. Of course, I grabbed the Stride thinking it was the right one and looked silly when the coupon wouldn't scan!!!

I should have switched the order of tranaction 2 and 3 for lower out of pocket, but I was so happy just to find everything in stock!

Excellent Vons(Safeway) deal!

**Edited to add this promo ended On Tuesday March 2nd. Sorry, I forgot to include this in the original post!
Okay, this is an AWESOME Vons (Safeway) deal!! First go here to P & G esaver and load the $3 Charmin and the $3 Bounty coupon to your Vons (Safeway) card. If you're not already signed up, you have to sign-up on the website, its super simple. Then you need to buy the 24 roll Charmin and the 12 Roll Bounty, each should be marked $12.99 in your store. They are part of the mix and match promo which was advertised in the Sunday supplement. So, they will ring up at $12.99 ea ( mine actually rang up at $15.99 and $16.99) for a total of $25.98, your $3 eq's will come off when you scan your shopper card or type in your phone # then when the cashier hits total the mix and match price will come off. So, here's how it reads on my receipt:

Bounty $16.99
Card Save $7
ecoupon $3
Charmin $15.99
Card Save $6
ecoupon $3
Total 15.60 ($1.62 is tax)

BUT here's the AWESOME deal. After it's all done a $10 off your next order Catalina will print-YAHOO!!! So, $5.60 for a big package of Paper towels and toilet paper is a Sa-weet deal! You can only use the e-coupons 1 time, but it works for me!

Note: this is part of the P & G buy $25 get $10 back, because the items ring at full price first, that's how you hit the $25 mark. I have not seen these adverstised as part of the promo, but they are obviously P & G items, my point is, if your cat. doesn't print it could be a major headache. So, make sure the green light is on the cat. machine before you check out.